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Update #3: Using Twitter Bootstrap 2.0 Dropdown Menus with WordPress


02/17/12 – Updated! Click here for the latest code. After some testing, there were a few fixed to clean up the HTML.


Okay, I’ve made a bit of an update to the code.

This should get stock WordPress menus working well with the Twitter Bootstrap 2.0 framework. There are still a few things that need changed, but I need to get a new test instance of WP running first, and I haven’t had the time. We’ll be using it on the station’s site soon, so I imagine it won’t be long before I update it again.

I was thinking of making this a plugin, just to get a plugin out there… not sure.

I’m glad to help anyone with questions, just hit me up in the comments.

data-toggle attribute
dropdown caret

Needs to be fixed (will be fixed once I get a few minutes to reinstall mamp & such) :
nav class on parent <ul>
clean up code & html


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